Anon = soon (old English)

Is tolerance of waiting essential to our growth and development as people?

Who has the power to keep others waiting and who agrees to wait? Who do we wait with?

Technological developments have shortened waiting times in several respects. This has also resulted in the shrinking of our patience. Where as we were once totally comfortable to wait weeks on end for a letter to arrive from another continent, nowadays our tolerance for waiting has grown so low that it is intolerable if a mobile phone takes longer than 10 seconds to switch on.

In her latest work ANON choreographer Johanna Nuutinen utilises her customary medium of virtuoso dance to explore the unavoidable senses of surrendering and uncertainty created by waiting. ANON also examines the temporary communities created by the act of waiting and questions the power structures of waiting.

Depending on the stage or the auditorium the audience gets to  choose their seats from in the round audience structure or from a conventional seating plan which faces the stage from one end of the room.



“Nuutinen is a master of creating detailed, well-planned, strong visual entities. She has found something completely her own and is already a name that is also in demand internationally.”

Jenny Jägerhorn, HBL 23.11.2018



Choreography and concept: Johanna Nuutinen
Performers: Jenna Broas, Oskari Nyyssölä
Music and sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä
Light-, set-, visual design and concept: Joonas Tikkanen
Dramaturgical support: Miranda Laurence
Costume design: Erika Turunen

Duration: 55 min.

Stage requirements: min. 11 m width, 11 m depth

Traveling: 5 persons (2 performers, 1 choreographer, 2 technicians)

Technical raider provided on request.