“Identity, metamorphosis and the durational aspect of a performance are topics I very often find myself exploring. I´m interested in multidisciplinary collaborations and like to mix dance, visual art, film and photography in order to create multidimensional worlds. With my works I desire to offer a visceral journey which shakes your emotions, wakes up your kinaesthetic empathy and makes you question and see the subject at hand in a new light.”

Dancer-choreographer Johanna Nuutinen graduated from the Finnish National Opera Ballet school in 2002. In 2002 she became a member of the Finnish National Ballet and created a successful career with the company while dancing soloist parts in works by Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Jacobo Godani, Sylvie Guillem, John Neumeier, Jorma Elo and Jorma Uotinen among others, as well as created her own productions to the stage and on film.

In 2017 Johanna received a 3 year artist grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation and at the moment she works as a freelance artist.

In 2013 Johanna created a short dance film “ME – The Story of a Performance” in collaboration with filmmakers Jopsu and Timo Ramu (MUSUTA Ltd.). So far the film has been presented at over 40 international dance and design film festivals . Her solo production HATCHED is also becoming an international success having been premiered in Hong Kong and continued touring in Russia and Finland. In 2017 she premiered two new works. The multidisciplinary work IRIS explores the themes of strength, desire and survival through the mediums of dance and film. The production ROOM for Pori Dance Company challenges the performer´s  perceived mental and emotional boundaries through an abstract choreography which gets it´s emotional content through exhaustion.

“In the future my plans include the following essentials: to study the body and the mind even further and to stay curious. To deepen the existing partnerships and to find new collaborative partners in the fields of visual design and sound engineering with whom to create an inspiring platform for artistic endeavours. To work hard – and play even harder !“

New interview on FINNISH DANCE IN FOCUS 2017-2018 magazine.

* Quotes from an interview for FINNISH DANCE IN FOCUS 2015-2016 magazine