• 1.4.2021 | OPIA digital premiere! More

    OPIA, the new creation by choreographer Johanna Nuutinen, dives eyes first into the multidimensional and porous world of eye sight. The work will premiere in TikettiStream on Thu, April 1, at 19:00.

    Dancers Mia Jaatinen and Jenna Broas spiral into the world behind the gaze, in a perspective defying visual world created by Joonas Tikkanen. The captivating soundscape is produced by sound wizard Tuomas Norvio. The performance recording is edited and directed by Thomas Freundlich.

    Tickets 11,50 € from Tiketti!
    The tickets are available until 19:00 on Thu, April 15.

    If you work as a presenter, please contact info@johannanuutinen.com or agent Nea Granlund at Pragma Helsinki / nea@pragmahelsinki.fi .

  • 8.3.2021 | OPIA to be streamed online! More

    Since the theatres are remaining closed in Finland we have decided to bring the premiere of OPIA to you via online platform together with Zodiak-Center for New Dance!

    OPIA will be streamed in the end of March.
    We will offer more details about the streaming platform, tickets and dates as soon as possible.

    Until then, you can find more production details here:

    Hope to meet you online soon!

  • 7.2.2021 | TPAM – performing arts meeting Yokohama More

    Choreographer Johanna Nuutinen together with agent Nea Granlund from Pragma Helsinki will take part in TPAM online events 8.-12.2.2021.

    Johanna will be present at the Nordic pitch event on WED 10.2.2021 at 7 – 7.40 am GMT (9 – 9.40 am EET).

    We look forward to connect with new and already familiar colleagues during the coming week!

    More information about TPAM: https://www.tpam.or.jp/info/en/
    Article on Dance Info Finland website in Finnish: https://www.danceinfo.fi/uutiset/tpam-virtuaalipitchaukseen-valittiin-kuusi-tanssin-ammattilaista/
    Pragma Helsinki: www.pragmahelsinki.fi

  • 4.1.2021 | PREMIERE OF OPIA 23.3.-1.4.2021 More

    OPIA, a full length stage work which draws our focus on vision, was supposed to premiere in May 2020 at Zodiak Stage in Helsinki, Finland. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the premiere was delayed and shifted to 2021.

    We are currently in rehearsals and preparing for the premiere on 23.3.2021. We hope that we will be able to share the work with live audiences. If that is not possible due to the ongoing restrictions on public gatherings, we are investigating the possibility and making preparations to stream the production online.

    For more updated information, please visit: https://www.zodiak.fi/en/programme/opia

  • 7.12.2020 | RESIDENCY AT TSC -STUDIO IN HELSINKI 7.-20.12.2020 More

    On 7th of December we will start the creative process of a production Hz. Hz is the second part of a series of works which explore the theme of senses and our sensory experiences. In Hz we will dive into the world of auditory sense and explore the theme from the point of view of noise pollution.

    Tero Saarinen Company will provide 2 weeks of residency time for our whole team.

    The production will premiere in two parts. The first premiere will be presented at Tero Saarinen Company studios in Helsinki at the end of 2021. This premiere will offer the audience to step into the world of 360 degree immersive sound and on stage we will see three performers.

    In the beginning of 2022 we will set the work for 6 performers and create a version which will be set for a bigger stage.

    We look forward to share more information about the production with you soon!

  • 29.11.2020 | Johanna Nuutinen +CO selected for the 2nd phase of Sparks project More

    We are delighted to inform that the selections for the Erkko Hall Residency phase has been made!

    Milla Koistinen, Veli Lehtovaara, Johanna Nuutinen, Elina Pirinen and WAUHAUS together with their creative teams have been selected for the next phase of the SPARKS Erkko Hall.  The artists and groups will continue to the Residency phase, which will be held in the summer of 2021 in Helsinki. The Residency includes two week practice period in the rehearsal studio and one week on stage. Short practice screenings will also be worked on during the course. Three performances will then continue into Production phase leading to premiere.

    Journey to the premiere

    For proposals for the Erkko Hall, SPARKS will support a 2 week research process (which includes a 4 day seminar) for 7-9 proposals, after which 5 projects will be selected for a 3 week residency. From these 5 productions 3 projects will then be selected to be funded for a 3 month creation process leading to the premiere. Salaries and a production budget will be provided. 

    The SPARKS Programme

    The SPARKS programme is a new artistic development project 2019 – 2022, funded by Finnish Culture Foundation and Dance House Helsinki to support artists in Finland who desire to create new large scale works. Acknowledging the present conditions that artists are operating in locally, the project framework responds by providing key resources for dancemakers to support the entire creation process; from research to residency to production. This includes fees for a working group, adequate residency time in a rehearsal studio and theatre, and access to consult leading dramaturgs, producers, and choreographers throughout the process. 

    More info: https://www.tanssintalo.fi/en/about/sparks

  • 9.6.2020 | Johanna Nuutinen part of the SPARKS shortlist More

    Johanna Nuutinen has been selected for the SPARKS project.

    SPARKS is a new artistic development project funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Dance House Helsinki. The project’s aim is to support Finnish dance artists willing to create new productions for large stages. The funding will cover the team’s fees, residency periods in the rehearsal studio and theatre, and the possibility to consult with dramaturgs, producers and choreographers throughout the process.

    Of the eight shortlisted candidates, five will be selected for a three-week residency period and, of them, three performances will be chosen to produce premieres at the Erkko stage in 2022–2023.

    More info about the project: https://tanssintalo.fi/en/form2022/the-sparks-project-at-form-progressing-eight-dance-performance-ideas-shortlisted-for-the-erkko-stage/


    Although we cannot share our new premiere OPIA with you on the 12th of May 2020 due to the restrictions on public gatherings, we are delighted to announce that new dates for the performances has been found.

    We want to welcome you to join us and experience the work at Zodiak – Center for New Dance 23.3.-1.4.2021!

    More info about changing your single ticket or returning it can be found from the link below:


    Stay safe and see you at Zodiak – Center for New Dance in March 2021!

  • 27.4.2020 | 40 Winks Archive on Springback Magazine More

    Excellent news! ANON-The Act of Waiting is now part of the 40 Winks Archive on Springback Magazine.

    Springback Members can watch 5-minute clips of 40 runners-up from the hundreds of applicants to the AerowavesTwenty selection.

    Springback Magazine, an online publication launched in 2018 by the Aerowaves network, keeps artists, programmers and audiences in touch with new dance across Europe.


  • 12.5.2020 | Premiere of OPIA at Zodiak – Center for New Dance More

    We are currently working on OPIA which will premiere at Zodiak – Center for New Dance 12.5.2020. This new full length stage work dives eyes first into the ever present questions relating to looking, being looked at, how do we perceive form and how do we form meaning from what we see. OPIA is the first work of the series which explores the world of senses and our sensory experience.

    Our team has been honoured to work with our co-production partner Zodiak – Center for New Dance as well as residency partners Tero Saarinen Company, Teatermaskinen Riddarhyttan and Dance Base Edinburgh.

    This Spring season we will develop the work at the following stages:

    2.-8.1.2020 in residence at Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Helsinki

    22.-27.3.2020 in residence at Tero Saarinen Company, Helsinki

    12. – 23.5.2020 premiere at Zodiak – Center for New Dance

    We hope to see you at the audience!

  • 14.1.-12.6.2020 | Workshops Spring 2020 More

    The year 2020 is in full swing! This Spring season starts with sharing workshops and teaching in Helsinki and Hong Kong.

    14.1.-31.1.2020 morning classes at Tanssille ry and Helsinki City Theatre


    25.1.-25.4.2020 Kinesteetikot ry extra training sessions in Helsinki

    24.5.-12.6.2020 Johanna will be teaching, lecturing and leading workshops at Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts in Hong Kong


  • 1.1.2020 | HAPPY NEW YEAR! More

    2019 was a wonderful year in the studio, on stage, against the green screen, on the silver screen and on the drawing board! With two premiere works we gathered a great audience of approximately 8000 people in Finland and Australia. We also kicked off the production of OPIA, visited Teatermaskinen in Sweden and Dance Base in Scotland as residence artists, had wonderful audience discussions and performed ANON-The Act of Waiting at Jyväskylä Dance Festival as well.

    It has been a privilege to share a moment with everyone who came to see the shows or participated in the workshops and audience meetings throughout the year 2019. Warm thank you to each and everyone who has been part of this journey – the performers, repetitors, directors, designers, technicians, festivals, foundations and other supporters! Onwards and upwards towards 2020!

  • 29.8.-1.9.2019 | Johanna Nuutinen + CO at Performing HEL showcase event More

    Johanna Nuutinen will be presenting the production ANON – The Act of Waiting at Performing HEL performing arts showcase event in Helsinki 29.8.-1.9.2019.

    Out of 110 applications the jury chose 12 companies/artists to pitch their work, 10 to present a demo session and 5 to perform a full length work as part of the Helsinki Festival.

    Being held this year for the second time, the Performing HEL showcase – encompassing circus, dance and theatre – is on the lookout for full-length performances, demos and pitches. Taking place in Helsinki on 29 August–1 September 2019, the showcase will present some of the most interesting elements of Finnish performing arts that are suitable for international audiences and touring to Finnish and international festival and theatre programme presenters. (Sirkus Info 11.2.2019)

    We are thankful for this opportunity and excited to meet you all soon in Helsinki!

    If you would like to contact us in advance, we are more than happy to offer you additional information.

    Contact: johanna@johannanuutinen.com

  • 8.2.-2.3.2019 | X-it for WEST AUSTRALIAN BALLET More

    Johanna Nuutinen is re-creating her work X-it for the West Australian Ballet for their Quarry season 2019.

    X-it draws its inspiration from the theme of being constantly under surveillance. What kind of emotions and feelings does a non-ending – and un-escapable – state of being watched stir in a person?

    The work was originally commissioned by Finnish National Ballet and had its premiere in May 2011.

    Read Johanna´s thoughts about the process from the latest Dance Info Finland international newsletter:




    X-it / In-Synch
    at Ballet at the Quarry, Perth Festival, by West Australian Ballet

    from February 8 – March 2, 2019
    Place: The Quarry Amphitheatre – City Beach

    Tickets: https://www.ticketmaster.com.au/search?q=west+australian+ballet


  • 19.-24.11.2018 | IRIS and ANON at Teater Viirus, HELSINKI More


    Three dance works at Teater Viirus 19.-24.11.2018!


    By popular demand IRIS – Dance in the fissures of humanity will return to Helsinki with two performances after touring in four different festivals across the globe this autumn season.

    The work is part the GUEST program 19.-20.11.2018 at Teater Viirus in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.

    Later on that week 22.11.2018 Johanna Nuutinen will premiere her new work ANON – The Act of Waiting. In her latest work ANON Johanna Nuutinen utilises her customary medium of virtuoso dance to explore the unavoidable senses of surrendering and uncertainty created by waiting. ANON also examines the temporary communities created by the act of waiting and questions the power structures of waiting. The creative team consists of performers Jenna Broas and Oskari Nyyssölä, visualist Joonas Tikkanen, sound designer Tuuli Kyttälä and dramaturg Miranda Laurence.

    The work is performed as part of a double bill evening together with the work RESTLESS EARTH. Inspired by Orientalism by Edward W. Said, the premiere work RESTLESS EARTH by choreographers Riku Lehtopolku and Mikko Makkonen explores how we encounter difference and come to terms with it.



    20/15€ . Combination ticket for both evenings: 35€ .




    Teater Viirus
    Välimerenkatu 14, 00220 Helsinki, Finland




    IRIS – Dance in the fissures of humanity
    chor. Johanna Nuutinen

    MON 19.11 7 pm
    TUE 20.11  7 pm

    ANON – The Act of Waiting
    chor. Johanna Nuutinen

    chor. Riku Lehtopolku, Mikko Makkonen

    THU 22.11 7 pm
    FRI 23.11 7 pm
    SAT 24.11 3 pm
    SAT 24.11 7 pm


    For more information please contact: