Residencies, premieres in 2017 !

Year 2017 is in full speed. It will be busy and full of wonderful challenges. Hope to see you at some of these venues!


18.6 – 3.7 Residency at TROIS C-L , Luxemburg, with production ROOM

14.7 – 31.7 Teaching and performing solo production HATCHED at Beijing Dance Festival, China


1. – 5.8 Performing at Hangzhou Festival at XiXi theatre, China

7. – 12.8 Creation period of the premiere production IRIS with dance artists Nathalie Ruiz and Yvan Auzely in Stockholm

13.8 – 25.8 Residency in Ireland at SHAWBROOK residency center with production IRIS


1.9 – 3.9 Organizing a master teacher workshop in collaboration with Robert Poyton on Spiraling Power in Helsinki

22.9 Premiering IRIS in Helsinki


1.10 – 11.11 Creation period of the production ROOM in collaboration with Pori Dance Company, Finland