ROOM to let go.
ROOM we allow to fill itself.
ROOM within us.
ROOM in between of us.

The production ROOM for Pori Dance Company challenges the performer´s  perceived mental and emotional boundaries through an abstract choreography which gets it´s emotional content through exhaustion.

“Magnetic ROOM defies the sense of time and wraps up in its embrace.” – Mikko Elo/ Satakunnan Kansa, 21.11.2017

Commission work for Pori Dance Company, premiere 24.11.2017 at Pori Theatre

Other performances:

LIIKEtila at Pori Art Museum 17.2.2018:


Choreography: Johanna Nuutinen
Assistant of the choreographer: Anni Koskinen
Performers: Meri Tankka, Riikka Rouhikko / Pori Dance Company
Sound design: Joonas Pehrsson
Light design: Erno Aaltonen
Costume design: Johanna Nuutinen, Erika Turunen

Trailer and pictures: Mikko Lampinen


TROIS C-L Luxembourg, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Regional Dance Centre Western Finland, Arts Promotion Centre Finland