The production platform Johanna Nuutinen + Collaborators was formed in 2016 in order to support the work choreographer Johanna Nuutinen creates with a team of highly talented and visionary sound, light and costume designers as well as performing artists and dramaturgs. The sensing, sensitive, poetic and vulnerable, yet strong and versatile body together with bold visual worlds are at the core of all of their artistic work.

During the next three years Johanna and her team will be investigating the world of senses and our sensory experience. The series will consist out of three works that deal with visual perception as well as tactile and auditory senses through virtuosic motion, hypnotic visuality and the visceral world of sound. The first stage work of this series, OPIA (2021), dives eyes first into the ever present questions relating to looking, being looked at, how do we perceive form and how do we form meaning from what we see.

Kinesteetikot ry serves as the background organisation of Johanna Nuutinen + Collaborators. Kinesteetikot ry is a non-profit association founded in 2015. The aim of the association is to advance embodied consciousness in the society, support the development of dance and theatre as art forms, further the collaboration between different art forms and the dialogue between art and science in Finland as well as internationally.

Johanna Nuutinen

“I’m interested in multidisciplinary collaborations and use dance, visual art and film in order to create multidimensional worlds. With my works I desire to offer a visceral journey which shakes your emotions, wakes up your kinaesthetic empathy and creates a space for you the reflect, question and see the subject at hand in a new light.”

Dancer-choreographer Johanna Nuutinen graduated from the Finnish National Opera Ballet school in 2002. In 2002 she became a member of the Finnish National Ballet and created a successful career with the company while dancing soloist parts in works by Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Jacobo Godani, Sylvie Guillem, John Neumeier, Tero Saarinen, Jorma Elo and Jorma Uotinen among others. During her time with the National Ballet she also created her own productions to the stage and on film.

In 2017 Johanna received a 3 year artist grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation and in 2020 from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. At the moment she works as a freelance artist.

Her works have been presented at over 40 international film festivals and several dance festivals in Finland and abroad. Johannas´s latest works include OPIA (2021-2022), ANON – The Act of waiting (2018) and the multidisciplinary work IRIS (2017). She has created commission works for Finnish National Ballet and West Australian Ballet. In 2022 Johanna together with her team will create three commission works – Tero Saarinen Company (Hz), Finnish National Ballet (Hyöky / Surge) and Skånes Dansteater (Zero-Zero).