Eng. HATCH: to emerge from an egg, (of an egg) to produce a young animal, shade, to mark with close parallel lines, an opening in a door or floor

The solo work deals with anonymity, the structure of identity and the use of power through mediums of dance, visual projections and sound. Individuals and, consequently, larger groups of people, are easier to manage when they are offered fewer alternatives, the content and the the distribution of information are regulated, external information channels are closed, own will is removed, and eventually the subjects are completely isolated from their environment. What this type of approach causes in an individual and what happens to that person’s physicality in an environment where verbal communication is not possible?


30 min


Light design and projections: Joonas Tikkanen
Performer: Johanna Nuutinen
Sound design: Tuomas Norvio (based on a recording: Mindscape Music)
Costume: Erika Turunen


Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation

City of Helsinki Cultural Office