ME – Story of a performance

ME is a story of a performance. We follow the performance from different perspectives: how it is perceived by the dancer, the audience and how it can be seen from an objective point of view as a mere code. Through these the interpretation of a different world – The Performance is created and we are all sucked into being a part of it.

Premiere at ASVOFF Film Festival 12.9.2013, Pompidou Center, Paris

ME is a short film created by filmmakers Jopsu Ramu and Timo Ramu of MUSUTA with choreographer and dancer Johanna Nuutinen. The award-winning short film has been presented at over 40 film festivals around the world such as ArtFIFA in Canada, San Francisco Dance Film Festival , Miami Short Film Festival and Dance on Camera in USA. It has also won prestigious prizes at FIVER Festival in Spain, Cinedans in The Netherlands and Dance@30fps in USA.

Available for touring on dance film festivals, contemporary art museums and galleries.

Also available as a sideline performance version with a live performer being present in the exhibition space.


Direction and script: MUSUTA Ltd. (Jopsu and Timo Ramu)
Choreography and performance: Johanna Nuutinen
DOP: Mark Stubbs
Sound design: Jukka Backlund
Styling: Minttu Vesala
Costumes: Issey Miyake
Production company: Directors Guild Helsinki


Finnish Cultural Foundation
Directors Guild Oy/Ab
Musuta Ltd