Premiere 18.3.2016 at K.H.Renlund Museum, Kokkola, Finland.

Durational performance for video, sound and person about an encounter in the context of a performance. The concept includes the internationally acclaimed short dance film ME-Story of a Performance and a durational performance builed around it. The piece is suitable for modern art museums and exhibition spaces.

ME dives into the inner and outer worlds of a performance from four different viewpoints: how the dancer imagines the performance, how the spectator experiences it, how it can be seen from an objective point of view as a graphic code and how the dancer encounters their audience. Through these different stages a new interpretation for a different world is born – a performance that sucks both the performer and the spectator into the journey of the performance. In the end we may both ask, who is in the role of the spectator and who is the performer?

ME – English: Me, Finnish: Us, Japanese: Eye.

Available for touring.


Previous performances

EMMA – Espoo Museum for Modern Art
ARTSI – Vantaa Art Museum
K.H. Rehnlund Museum


The opening hours of the museum space


Installation concept and performance: Johanna Nuutinen

The team behind the ME – Story of a Performance -short dance film:

Script: Jopsu and Timo Ramu
Direction: Jopsu Ramu
Choreography and performance: Johanna Nuutinen
DOP: Mark Stubbs
Original score: Jukka Backlund
Styling: Minttu Vesala
Producer: Directors Guild Helsinki


Finnish Cultural Foundation
Directors Guild Oy/Ab
Musuta Ltd